Last week I met up with Ashley in Raymore.  We started a little later than we thought we would so we had to shoot fast, but I'm not gonna complain, because I LOVE ASHLEY!!!!  I knew Ashley from years ago, so it was great catching up while we shot.  Here's a few of my favorite....
*Wanna say a BIG thanks, to Phil Westbrook for helping me on this session. 

Ok, the next three are different from how I normally shoot.  Phil and I got out my Canon 580EX II flash and decided to use Ashley (with permission of course;)) as our test monkey;)  lol
OK, be honest, what do YOU think?  Love or hate?  You wont hurt my feelings.  And what I really mean by that is, you wont see my tears streaming down my cheeks while I read your comments....just kidding folks;)
Hope your Wednesday is great:)  Evie

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Leah said...

Once again, great job Evie! These turned out really good, and I love your new camera btw! ;)