Here's the rest of Morgan's second senior shoot:)  She sewed this
costume for Halloween and thought it would be fun to wear again:)  We headed down to the local
river and met a real captain;)  It was pretty cold out that day which reminded me I hate shooting in cold weather!  It's that time of year when I gotta put my camera up until warmer days are here again.  Or at least till next month;) lol  Here's some of my favorites.....

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~Amy said...

hahhahaha....that last one makes me wanna sing, "row, row, row your boat, gently down the street"! :D
I love the one where Morgan is saluting. She has such a beautiful smile, if I do say so myself :]
Another great job, Evie!!!

Mollie said...

Oh my goodness, she so looks like Amy in a couple of those shots!! I wanna be a sailor girl! Guess I'll just have to settle being a sailor's wife! Excellent job :)

Evie said...

Yes, Morgan has a BEAUTIFUL smile!!! She's hard core and doesn't show it often in shoots;)
Mollie-your turn is next;)

Amy said...

Ok, I've said this before. BUT you have one very talented and creative family. I adore Morgan's session and she is so talented with designing and creating her outfit. High five to you both. I "liked" Forever at Sea on FB too, how could I not :-) Best of luck Morgan! and your Aunt Evie - Rocks!

Amy Nelson said...

These are GREAT! She sure does have that Westbrook smile!! Beautiful!