Phillip + Shannon l Surprise Engagement....The Details

  OK, I seriously have no clue where to even start.  Maybe I should first tell you, Phil is my older brother.  He has been dating Shannon about 5 years now.  About 2 months ago, Phil said he was going to propose to Shannon.  Of course, I was a little shellfish (lol) and asked if I could photograph it because I've always wanted to shoot something like this.  He said yes, and I started hounding him about how he was going to do it.  He was a little clueless.  I can say that, right?  He had some ideas and I had some too:)  OK, I had lots because I LOVE details!!!  Pretty much everything I asked Phil to do he was up for it.  He did however have a few things he wanted.  #1 Norah Jones, "Come away with me" playing on location, #2 He and Shannon's favorite hot apple cider there to drink, and #3 He did not want to see my beautiful face at any point.  I was kinda bummed because I really, really wanted to come out at the end and get some engagament type poses, but alas it wasn't about me, so I was cool with it:0)  I knew I had a lot to do so I called on my favorite three sisters (btw, I only have 3) Amy, Mollie and Leah.  I thought if we all worked together it would mean more to Phil and Shannon.  I can't even tell you how many hours we talked on the phone about this session.  Thank you girls!!!!

               First, a big thanks to Leah and Brian for helping me set up! Brian, you were a HUGE help in making  me invisible.  I couldn't have set up the camo blind without you!

Doesn't it look purdy? 

My sister, Amy was in charge of creating and sewing "amazing pillows".  ONLY Amy would see a
in a magazine and try to copy it!  lol  She spent 25 hours sewing this pillow ONLY...like seriously.  I almost wanted Shannon to hate it so I could keep it:)  And four hours of sewing on the other pillows. 

I was THRILLED when Phil said I could put the ring in a mini pumpkin.  Perfect for fall and decoration;)

One more detail then I'll share my favorite images.  Shannon has a daughter named, Destiny.  Phil bought her a necklace to give to her so she felt included.  Phil is ALWAYS reading his bible so I thought I would include it in the shot of her necklace. 

OK, here's some of my fav's from the day.....cue the sailboat!!!!

                                              I love how happy Shannon looks here.

          And of course, if you have no clue what I'm talking about, here's the video that will explain it all:) Evie Pin It


Mollie said...

That's some great teamwork there!!! What a priceless moment to be captured forever :)

~Amy said...

And I'm very glad you didn't need to fight off any cow-killers while you were hiding in the brush! lol