My last wedding I had the pleasure of working with my older brother, Phil.  He's has a degree in cinematography and is breaking into weddings:)  It was a lot of fun working with him and can't wait to see his video!!!!  Here's a pic I got of him talking to my husband (and amazing assistant:)) Brian about something deep and life changing I'm sure;)

Phil is also helping me out with updating my website with some footage of me.  I really want people to see who I am and how I work when they are on my site.  Although I have no clue when that will be up, but I'll keep you updated;) He grabbed some stills of me and thought I'd share.  He's OBSESSED with black and whites. 
And no, that's NOT a scratch on my lens....it's straw.  Also, if I look cold, it's b/c I was. 
It was 25 degrees that morning!!!

                                       Hope everyone is having a great morning!  Evie Pin It


Mollie said...

Great pictures!! :)