Forever at Sea: Designs by Morgan

  I'm sooooooo excited to blog this today:)  My AMAZING niece, Morgan is super duper talented when it comes to anything artsy.  She can paint, sew, design, act, bake and even run cross country:)  She loves learning about different countries and languages.  She is stoked because she has been accepted to be a foreign exchange student overseas for a year.  However it's costing an arm and a leg to get there.  So, I had the bright idea that she should sell her one of a kind designs(all Morgan's work is done by hand only and without a pattern which makes each piece completly unique) she sews for fun to help raise money.  I cannot even begin to tell you how AMAZING (and detailed) her work is.  I had her Mom take a few pictures of her work but I'm a picture snob and told her it didn't do it justice:)  So, I'm headed to Illinois in a few weeks and will be taking pictures to show the world Morgan's talent.  BUT, this week Morgan mailed my daughter a really cute flower headband and thought I'd grab a picture of it to show you what I mean.  Let me just say, this is NOTHING compared to what she normally sews.  I'm so excited to do a full post on this in a few weeks!!!!  Morgan, I love you!!!!!-Aunt Evie
P.S. Morgan will be setting up a FaceBook fan page soon with pictures and prices!
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Mollie said...

That headband by far beats anything I've seen, even in upscale boutiques. Is there anything Morgan's NOT good at???

~Amy said...

Mollie: yes...cleaning her room! lol

Morgan's so lucky. She couldn't have found a cuter model for her flower creation :] Or a better photographer to capture it all! Thank you Evie, for giving us the "nudge" to get Morgan started with this. :]

Leah said...

Cute!!!! Do you think Marc would kill me if I made Jake wear one? lol Yeah.

~Amy said...

Leah: LOL...maybe Morgan could make Jake a train headband! hahahaha

Amy said...

I love it and Jael is so cute ;)