Tool bits

  Shouldn't it be noon?  Sheesh, this day has FLOWN by!  If you've already looked at my picture I'm sure you're wondering what it is..lol.  Well folks, I hate to say it but I've had a very sheltered life.  So much so, that I've NEVER carved a pumpkin before.  Well, that's till today anyway.  This afternoon I carved my VERY first pumpkin:)  Well, I can't really say, "carved" because I didn't really use a knife.  I used my hubby's drill.  That's right, a drill.  Brian said, and I quote, "This is why you should never let your wife borrow your tools."  hahaha  I promise I got out all the pumpkin mush from the drill bit before I returned it.  I had an idea to just drill the mess out of these pumpkins and put Christmas lights in it.  I have two sitting on my front step now:)  And I have to say, I'm kinda proud;)  Evie

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Mollie said...

Very cute...now if only they made drill bits in cute shapes!!

~Amy said...

such a cute idea!!!!
& Scott has DOZENS of drill bits that I can secretly borrow :D

Evie said...

Amy-if you do, please send me a pic:)

Shepherd Snapshots said...

Cute! i'm gonna steal this idea.