Kiss and Diss

This week's Disses go to...
*right now, it's 3:16am and I can't sleep
*debt collectors calling EVERY day for a "Mr.Chandler" and a "Miss Amanda"...they don't believe me we're The Smiths:(
*really considering losing my blog...what do you think?
*It being so cold this past week!

This week's Kisses go to...
*My hubby buying me a gift for no reason at all:)
*FINALLY figuring out my speedlite..ok, figuring out "some" of my speedlite;)
*Heading to Arkansas this weekend to shoot a wedding!!!!!

Ok, lay it on me....what's your kisses and disses this week-Evie
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Amy said...

Disses - I bombed my shoot w/ my new Canon.
- I feel like a beginner again

Kisses - I get to re-do it (the shoot).
- My hubby bought to big pots of mums for the porch cause he knows I like them. Aaah- sweet.

and NO! you should not lose the blog :(

Sheila said...

-sinus infection for 2 weeks now and counting. no fun :(
-finding out my friend Evie might not be blogging anymore :( not happy!

-getting to volunteer at Lilly's school today for computer lab - so much fun
-tomorrow being FRIDAY!

~Amy said...

Kisses go to Mom, Leah, and Jake coming to visit :]

Disses go to my asthma going into over-drive :/
Why, oh why, must beautiful Fall weather and soft furry animals take my breath away???

....& you can't stop blogging. I'd have to go back to Facebook to see your photography :p

Amy Nelson said...

Kiss - My 4 week old sleeping 12 hours at night...(we woke her up to feed her every 3 hours...we're not that crazy). She just went RIGHT back to sleep every time. :)

Diss - My maternity clothes are way too big, but I can't quite fit in my pre pregnancy pants. I have been wearing some crazy stuff! Ha.