Hello Kitty or Dorothy?

  I'm sitting here typing with my daughter, Jael on my lap.  hgjmnbt  That's her saying, "hi".  Here's our situation.  We have two cute costumes for her to wear and she can't make up her mind.  Hello Kitty, or Dorothy?  Thought we'd take a quick picture of both and see what you thought.  So, which one do you like best?  -Evie and Jael

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Mollie said...

Both are sweet, but Aunt Mollie votes for Hello Kitty!!!!! What's Hayden going to be?

~Amy said...

Helloooo...you're asking Amy and Morgan which one to go with!?! lol
Of course it's Hello Kitty all the way! :] We gave her the Hello Kitty bag for goodness sakes! hahaha I'd also like to point out that Jael's GRIN is bigger in the Hello Kitty costume, so it seems like a no-brainer...
OR you can keep a mental note of which houses give out the good chocolate and rush her back, change costumes, and hit those houses again. They'll never know! lol

Evie said...

Mollie-Hayden is going as a army soilder....we just couldn't put together a good Bear Grylls costume:(
Amy-good point on the grin;) And double good point on really "tricking" the people with a second costume...lol Sneaky, sneaky!