The Flavors of Nixa

  Happy Friday!  I've been on assignment for a local client here to capture the city of Nixa.  I really thought this would make for a cool job because it's so different from what I normally shoot.  Well, there were cool parts about it, but it confirmed in my heart I just love to photograph people more.  I spent so many hours driving around, you don't even want to know.  Nixa is a pretty cool little town though.  I met lots of great people and found great spots for future shoots:)  OK, take a look and tell me what you think of Nixa:) Here's a few of my fav's....Evie

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Amy said...

Looks like the all-American town. Wonderful photo journalism.

~Amy said...

bahahaha....I love the one of the old tractor! I'd title it "The Weeds Finally Won"! Great job Evie. :]