Is the weekend really over?

 This past weekend my hubby and I decided last minute to have a weekend getaway.  We decided to use hotwire.com for the first time and we got AWESOME deals on two hotels.  Like more than half off:)  We had such a great time.  The first night we were in the pool and a storm was headed our way so we had to get out because of lightning.  I was a little bummed, but then I set up my camera on the ironing board and opened up my shutter:0)  Of course I'm not cool enough to get any strikes of lighning, but I still love all the lights at night time in the shot.  I'm a city mouse that married a country mouse, what can I say;)  Hope your Monday is going well! Evie

I love how bright the Power and Light District is here.
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Leah said...

Ohhh cool shots!!! Love how they turned out! I'm glad you guys had fun! (And I'm glad I've made you a hotwire.com convert!)

Evie said...

yes, thanks to you Leah:) We're gonna use them again when we head to CO:)

Shepherd Snapshots said...


MGM said...

Can't believe you'll get in a swimming pool with your hubby, but not with me. :)

Great pics! Makes me miss the city life in St. Louie in the good ol' days!

Amy Moore said...

I love these night shots. Awesome exposure! You're so good Evie! :-)