I Dig It: Glass Knobs

  For some reason I'm starting to go gaga over anything pretty and glass.  I needed some new knobs for an antique wash basin stand (I really don't know what to call it:))my Mom and Dad gave me.  I loved the shape and size of it, however I knew I'd love it more in white.  I felt kinda guilty painting an antique, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do;)  So, Jael helped me by painting her name on the back.  The table was turned upside down so I could paint the bottom of the legs and Jael painted her name and "number" as she calls it.  She had just learned how to spell her name so it's incorrect which makes me love it more. 
Here's the knobs, that I LOVE.....

By the way, if youlove them too, you can
buy them at Hobby Lobby this week for 50% off!

And here's the table....perfect for home school supplies.  I guess I
should have cleaned up before I took the pic..lol..excuse the mess:)

Happy THURSDAY!!!! Evie
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Amy said...

You're so crafty!! I love this!

Mollie said...

How cute, you're always so creative!! Jael's "signature" is precious!!