OK, so if you read my blog, you know I've been counting down the months to the Michael Buble concert.  Four months to be exact.  It was about a week and a half ago up in Kansas City at the Sprint Center.  I was bummed out because they didn't allow professional cameras, so I brought my parents camera:)  I'll show some pics and then talk......

             Right outside the Sprint Center.  The streets were crowded with crazied eyed girls giggling...hehe

Alright, here's the outfit you guys picked....choice B:) And by the way ladies...I found his bus;)

I hate the light here, but I can't do anything about it with this camera.

Me and my man, whom I like to call Brian:)

The show...

All in all it was a great show.  Michael had an amazing voice live.  It was really cool to see him in person.  He's very funny and charming.  BUT.....BUT...oh my word...he's a cusser:(  I have to blog it b/c I want to give my honest opinion. I love when artists talk to the audience between songs.  He just cussed too many times for me.  I was really surprised when he dropped the f-bomb.  Ugh...I just felt like he's too classy to cuss, you know?  And there's little kids in the audience.  I just wish it would have been PG, that's all. 
Hope you're having a good Tuesday:) Evie
P.S. And what's funny is, before the show, they kept running a sign that said, "No professional cameras...bla, bla, bla,and  No profanity." lol, I guess Michael didn't get the memo;)
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~Amy :] said...

8( We'll have to start calling him Michael F-bomb Buble.
Nice choice on the outfit, btw ;D
You're one hot momma!!!

Leah said...

Silly Michael, don't you know F-bombs are for jerks??