Hayden Turns SEVEN!!!

  Well, today our son, Hayden turns seven.  Every year I say it, but it's still true this year, he's growing up so fast.  I had a conversation with him earlier last week.  It went something like this...

Me: Hayden, would you like a birthday shoot?
Hayden: Do I have to pay you for it?
Me: (trying not to laugh) No, of course not.
Hayden: Well thank goodness for free services!

I never know what's going to come out of this kid.  One of many reasons why he's so cool;)  Once we decided the weather was good for the shoot, he and I got in the car and started to drive.  Our conversation went something like this...

Me: What are you thinking, buddy?  Where do you wanna shoot?
Hayden: I was thinking going old school.  You know like Main St, or a factory with lots of smoke?
Me: (trying not to laugh) Yeah, ok we can do that.
Hayden: I sound very technology don't I?
Me: You really do bud:)

                               So, here's Hayden going old school with a factory.  Man, I love my kid! 
My personal fav:)
He can't help it, he's got cool parents..lol
He was more than happy to see TWO HUGE bags of Skittles for his shoot in the car:)

Right now, Hayden LOVES Tony Hawk...
And, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."

BUT, more than anything....

Hayden wants to be in the military when he grows up,
so I thought some camo was in order. Hayden had this great idea for some muscles...small potatoes:) If you look close you can see them coming out. 
He's laughing here b/c the potatoes kept falling out:)
Yes, I'm the kind of Mom that draws facial hair on my kid...
Trying to be serious...
but ends up being silly and pretending to fart:)  Because, that's a SEVEN YEAR
old for ya;)

Happy birthday Hayden, you stole my heart seven years ago and I have a feeling I'm
never gonna get it back;) 
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Mollie said...

How cool were these!?!?!? Happy Birthday Hayden!! Love the sunglasses on him :)

Leah said...

Awwww, this post was soooo good! My favorite was the potato muscle army shot, haha. I tried calling him to wish him a Happy Birthday on my way into work this morning, I guess you guys were gone already? What did he think of his ecard?

MGM said...

Happy Birthday, Hayden! Those must be Daddy's sunglasses?

Amy :] said...

I can't believe Hayden is 7 already!!! I hope he had an awesome birthday :] I love these pictures of him....110% Hayden right there ;D