Happy Ten Years Baby!!!

    Ten years ago today I was 19, and getting ready for my wedding day.  It was a great day.  Unfortunately though, I didn't end up with any good shots of me in my dress.  I just had a friend take the pictures.  And I was totally happy with them back then, but now I wish I would have hired a pro.  So, last month when I was thinking about some ideas for a fun 10 yr. wedding annv. post, I thought it would be fun to get back into my dress.  Yes.  I'm crazy.  So, I asked Brian, my hubby, if he'd like to get a tux and redo our pics.  He wasn't so happy with the idea of that, but he did offer to take pictures of me in my dress.  I knew right away, I'd feel comfortable around him, so it must be a good idea..lol.  Turns out, I learned  a lot.  I forgot how huge wedding dresses are, and how hard it is to walk in them.  Also, how kinda lame you feel in front of a camera when you don't know how you look.  And most importanly, I now know first hand, chiggers love me:/  But, all in all, I think Brian did awesome.  Our goal was for me to set up the shots/poses and he had to check the lighting.  Then I got to edit:)  So, please be kind....lol....here's me ten years and two kids later. 

                                                  I thought a pink apron and a pretty pink cake would be adorable:)

Pretty much I just wanted to show off my new MASSIVE ring in this shot..lol

Sadly, I couldn't find my original veil. I made one the same length as the original for about $5!!!

I wanted to have fun, so I grabbed one of my daughters
Hello Kitty necklaces and made myself a pink veil.

OK, so this is my wedding day jewelry.  Vintage 50's costume jewelry.  Garage sale find, $40.

Actual pic from the wedding day.  We are about to cut the cake.  FACT: When you do too many dramas/human videos growing up, they will have an effect on your brain;)

Ok, enough about me....tomorrow I have Lisha and Michaels' full wedding post to show you and I'm really excited.  See ya tomorrow;) Evie
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Mollie said...

Wow, Brian did good on the pictures!! And I'm sure you did good on editing, although I'm sure you only had to edit your surroundings...you're gorgeous Evie!!!

Evie said...

Alright, where do I send you the $20 for the comment;)

Sheila said...

You look stunning, Evie! What a great idea for your 10 years! Happy 10 years by the way! Ours is next May, can't wait! :) I doubt it I put my dress back on though - unfortunately it probably doesn't fit anymore:(

MGM said...


Got about 12 more pounds left before I'll be back to my wedding weight and brave enough to even try the dress. Hey...just realized I'll turn 40 just before our 15th anniversary. My goal is to weigh at 40 what I weighed at 25 when I got married. Maybe I'll get brave enough to try on my wedding dress in a year and a half when I reach 40. (AND when I reach that 25 year old weight! Thinking POSITIVE here!)

Happy 10 years!

I'm still giggling about Brian with hair! (Sorry, Brian)