Kiss or Diss

It's time for another round of.......KISS OR DISS!!!

This week's Disses go to...
-Tornado sirens
-hubby being out of town:(
-still not being motivated to lose the 5lbs I need to...boo
-having to put up 2 tons of clean laundry...I'm looking at it right now:(

This week's Kisses go to...
-Getting new furniture for my living room!!!
-Selling my old furniture on Craigslist within HOURS...sweetness;)
-finding my Kim Walker cd
-BBC movie, "Emma"
-finding cute shoes for $1 at a yardsale

OK, those are my Kisses and Disses....go ahead, let it out.  What are yours? Evie:)
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Mollie said...

Disses go to Logan being out of town, and his airline COMPLETELY losing his bag, which had his laptop in it :( Kisses go to the possibility of yard sales this weekend, and getting some quality time with my man this weekend :) Have a good one!!

Leah said...

"Emma" is good, isn't it? :) I want to see pictures of your new furniture and your yard sale shoes!

My disses have to go to:
- Tornado sirens in the middle of the night (especially when there's no chance of a tornado according to the t.v. station meteorologist and you're already sleep deprived w/a 6 week old and trying to decide if you should take shelter in a water-logged basement)
- Jacob throwing up/not feeling well for a couple of days

Kisses go to:
- Finding out I only have to lose 10lbs to get back to my prepregnancy weight
- Hearing Jacob squeal with delight at the activity mat he's on for the first time (soooo cute)
- Getting a Starbucks yesterday
- Knowing that the horrible other manager at my hotel got fired (finally!) **But I wish her well, just far, far away from Chesterfield**


Amber said...

I have not commented in a long time, but my disses this week are:
-Headaches (I have been having a lot of them lately. The most recent was a migrane in middle of the night)
-The weather going from cold to hot back to cool in two to three days. Pick a temperature and stay there for awhile.

Ok. My kisses:)
-My dad is doing great after his surgery last week. The doctor is very excited about how he is doing already. :)
-My girls. They are great! I love them so much!
-Looking forward to a Sunday with Aaron and the girls. It is his only day off every week and we miss him so much, but are very thankful he is working.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Evie said...

Well done ladies:) Thanks for sharing!
Leah, I might do a yardsale blog just for you;)

MGM said...
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