Hi guys:)  I know it's been a while.  We've been out of town and as soon as we got back we had/still have friends from out of state visiting us.  We're always happy to hang out with our good amigos, Melissa and Steve and their two beautiful children.  But, this trip was extra special because it was the first time for us to meet their new daughter, Jireh.  (you might rememeber that name because I took a few of Melissa's pregnancy pictures last time she was here.)  Jireh is just a bundle of cuteness.  As soon as they come over, I'm like, "Just hand over the baby, and nobody gets hurt;)"  lol  She's three months old, and we've already talked.  She wants to stay at my house, but we've got to talk her Mom into it;)  I'll be sad when they leave, but the good news is, a new little one is just around the corner for me......my sister, Leah is about to have a boy!  I'll be heading up to St.Louis in a few weeks to meet Mr.Nolan and I can't wait:)!!!!!  But, here's a few pics of Miss Jireh for you to enjoy:) Have a great day! Evie

I loved this one because it was so natural.  Melissa is such a calm Mom.  And she's beautiful:)

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Mollie said...

Sooooo sweet! Love pictures of babies :) One day, you'll get to take pictures of mine!!!

Evie said...

Super sweet, you know it!