Zach turns four:)

My friend asked me to take some pictures of her son, Zach to mark his fourth birthday.  Since the weather has been so cold lately, we kept putting it off.  But this past weekend we decided to just get it done:)  It was pretty chilly out but Zach did great for me.  His big sister, Zoe was more than happy to pose for me too:)  They are super smart and so adorable.  Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys:) Here's some of my favorites....

I was just checking the light in these pictures to set my camera, but I think he just looks so serious....I love it!

Zach is FOUR!!!!

We got the whole family in:)

Princess Zoe

They were so cute together!

My personal favorite...

Hope you guys are having a good Monday:) Evie Pin It


Mollie said...

How cute!! I love the Mom's hairdo :)

MGM said...

Evie! LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM! I love the pics of the kids giving kisses (and the fact that they pretty much came up with this on their own). And that "serious" close up of Zach is sweet. He does that serious look a lot. ...and the fact that my chin fat doesn't show in the fam pic! LOL! You might be striving for a jawline, but even when I wore a size three in my early 20's I never had a jawline. Stoopid round face!

And thanks to Mollie for the hair compliment! The highlights help to draw attention up and away from the chin fat. LOL!

MGM said...

Oh, and THANK YOU for doing this for us yesterday despite the dark weather!

Leah said...

Wow, these turned out really great! For some reason the family one isn't popping up for me, but the kids are just adorable! Great job on lighting!