Super Kids

When I say I have super kids, I mean it.  Really.  They are super in my book:)  Look out world, Larry Boy and Hello Kitty are here to save the day!!!

Hope you had a great weekend.  I know we did.  Saturday was awesome!!!  Well, let me back up.  I had a session, but they cancelled.  I was a little bummed.  BUT, then the sun came out and the temp. hit 63 degrees!!!!!  You can't beat that here in Feb.  It was like pure bliss.  It's amazing what some rays of sunlight can do for your spirits.  My family and I went and looked through antique stores in Ozark.  Small town, but great little shops.  We even found a new favorite mexican restaurant.  Although, don't ask me the name of it:/  It was such a relaxing Saturday.  Just what we needed. 

Here's a note my son, Hayden wrote to my husband, Brian.  It was THE SWEETEST NOTE EVER!!!!!  Seriously, I hope you're able to read it.  We're framing it:) 

Hope you have a decent Monday.  I would say great, but let's face it.  It's cold and grey out and I haven't had my second cup of coffee yet;) Holla if you hear me!!!!  Evie Pin It


Amber Warren said...

Aww!!! I love Hayden!!! That was super sweet! What an awesome kid!!!! I bet Brian loved it!

Mollie said...

My heart is melting :)

Evie said...

Amber-Yes, Brian loved it:)
Mollie-You could say it made tears come out of our faces!!! lol I'm in search for the perfect frame.

Leah said...

Awwww, I LOVE Hayden's note to Brian, what a heartfelt love letter! Such a sweet boy!!! And I love that pic of my super-nephew and super-niece, so cute!

MGM said...

If I had my own Larry Boy costume, I think I would put it on each morning and open the front door and stretch out my right arm and greet the day that way. But I don't have a Larry Boy costume, and so I can't do that. Just sayin'.

...and what a sweet love letter!

Evie said...

MGM-ahh, peanut brittle!!! lol