Winter, I loathe you entirely

Brrrrr, it's snow cold here..lol. OK, that was lame, sorry:) It's 7 degrees out but the weather channel says it feels like -13 degrees. Oh, how I loathe winter entirely. So, here we are at 7 degrees. It's a Snow Day today, so I have both kids at home with me. Which most of the time I love;) We are drinking hot chocolate and melting old crayons and making new ones.  I'm trying to have warm happy thoughts...so I'm posting this picture of me that my husband took. It's on the property of an old historic farm.   The day he took it, the weather was perfect.  A warm sunny day on beautiful property.  Tall grass blowing in the wind.  And it's just me and my man.  We were on a date at the time.  It was perfect:) 

Hope you're staying warm today wherever you're at.  Talk to ya tomorrow;)  Evie

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