When in Rome....

  We just got back from spending a few days in Arkansas with Brian's family for Christmas.  Let me just tell you, it rained and rained and rained and then rained some more.  I think the first 48 hours we were there it rained.  We stayed at my sister-in-law, Rhonda's home.  She has a creek that runs through her backyard.  I never really see water in it, but it was overflowing with water by the second day.  Brian made the comment to Hayden that he wished he had a boat he could put Hayden in so he could sail like Bear from Man Vs. Wild.  I'm telling you my family is obsessed with that show;)  So, two hours later Brian and Hayden return from Rhonda's tool shed with a homemade "boat."  I was inside the house looking out praying that Hayden wasn't going to flip over in the creek.  Keep in mind it was still pouring down rain.  Hayden had a blast.  It was pretty funny seeing him flloat down in ummm, a boat?  It was a wheelbarrow and an Igloo cooler to help with the buoyancy.  It reminds me of that qoute, "When in Rome do as the Romans do."  haha, well, let's just say this was one redneck boat;) 

So, after two days of the kids being stuck inside, the rain finally stopped and the sun came out to play.  So did my kids:)  I couldn't keep up with them either..lol.

While we were there, Alyssa got a new puppy, Darcy.  Jael fell in love. 

The last day we were there, I did a small photoshoot with Rhonda and her two kids.  Hayden asked to help look for good, "shots."  So, I told him he could be my photography assistant.  By the end, he kept begging me to take his pics and I ended up paying him.....not really sure where I went wrong;)  lol  Here's Hayden being a wild cat ready to pounce! 

Hoping to post a sneak peak of Rhonda's family shoot tomorrow.  Have a very relaxing Sunday-Evie Pin It


Mollie said...

Too funny about the boat. Love the pic of Jael with Darcy <3