Shavendahaven...lol....ok, you wont really get my humor on that unless at some point in your life you've watched "Father of the Bride" religiously.  At least my sisters will get it...well, hopefully.   To everyone else, good morning!!!!  OK, take a deep breathe with me and repeat after me, "It's Wednesday!"  Wooowhooo, half the week is over.  I'm so ready to get the holidays started.  My parents are coming in this weekend, so I have lots to clean.  But more importantly, my kids can finally open their gifts.  Ugh, I'm so sick of hearing, "Is it Jesus' birthday yet?"  We're having an early Christmas here (this Saturday) then we're headed down south to the Little Rock area to spend Christmas with my hubby's side of the family.  Praying it's a little warmer down there.  Ok, enough rambling......have a fantastical day!!!!!!!!

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Mollie said...

I immediately knew what that meant!!! Hahahaha

Evelyn Perez said...

Adore your picture....how creative.

Leah said...

Me too, I even said it out loud when I read it. :)