Hello.  Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  My husband stayed home with a nasty stomach bug.  And now here I am running to the bathroom myself during the middle of the night:(  Isn't is great to be married?!  Long sigh......so, here I am trying to get my mind off of well, you know. 

I'd like to share a personal story with you.  Let me start off by saying I had the BEST choldhood ever!  I had two loving parents, (I know this b/c they longed every week for their date night alone together.  Which gave me the chance to climb the halls in our hallway and touch the ceiling.  I can just picture the faintly black streaks down the walls from the bottom of my shoes) FIVE  awesome siblings, (I'm #5 by the way) and we lived in the BEST town EVER...Smithton, Illinois.  It was a quiet, small, country town.  We didn't even have a highschool.   I was so happy to go to kindergarten.  There were "A" days and "B" days b/c our class was too large to fit in the classroom.  One day however, something called for "A" kids and "B" kids to come together.  I remember sitting on the floor with my class.  I was in the second row.  (yes, I do in fact have a stellar memory) I noticed the girl in front of me had crazy long hair like me, only hers was black.  Mine was blonde.  So, me, being me, I pulled her hair, she turned around, and I introduced myself. She told me her name was Chrissy.  And so it began, we were instantly bestfriends.  From that point on we were always together at school, and playing at each others houses.  Well, until 6th grade.  Junior high came and we were put in seperate classes.  We didn't talk as much, but I rememeber still felling like she was my BFF.  Actually, we use to write notes during school, and at the end, we wouldn't write, "BFF" oh no, that was too short.  We'd write, B/F/W/S/T/F/O/K.  Which means, "Best friends will stay together forever okay" hahaha  In the middle of 6th grade, I got terrible news from my parents.  My Dad got a new job in Kansas City, KS.  (did you know Kansas City crosses over both Missouri and Kansas?;)  They might as well have told me we were moving to Cambodia.  It was a very sad time in my little life.  How are good friends supposed to stay close before e-mails were invented?!  We did write a few times.  However, my parents would drive back to Illinois to visit my Grandparents and I stayed with a good friend named, Kris.  (We became really good friends in 6th grade when Chrissy and I didn't have the same classes) Anyway, I would see Chrissy on and off over the next year, but that was it.  We lost contact.  Over the next few years off my life, my family KEPT moving.  I ended up going to FIVE differnent junior highs (it's amazing I'm somewhat of a normal adult;)) and thankfully one highschool.  (Kris and I actually satyed in pretty close contact.  She even came to my wedding!)  So, I graduated HS, moved straight to Florida, went to college, got married, moved more, had babies, moved more, and then moved some more on top of that.  I would think about Chrissy through the years.  Just wondering how she was doing.  THEN, one day.....I got a Facebook account, (que the angels singing  the hallelujah chorus.  Or is it Cue?) of course I looked her up, but no luck.  I did however find her little brother:)  I wrote him asking if she was on FB.  He wrote back, said no she wasn't but that he'd tell her I said hi.  I was actually pretty happy with that.  But, b/c Chrissy is awesome, she got  a FB and we were able to talk again:0)  It was great knowing what she was up to.  Turned out we both got married around the same time.  Both had one girl and one boy.  And they are the same ages!  (so, you know what this means don't you....there could be two possible marriages here;))  It turns out she is still in the area!  Good to know some things don't change:)  I actually ended up going to Illinois for Thanksgiving last week and so I thought it would be great to meet up.  I asked her and she was all for it.  We met two days after Thanksgiving at our old elementary school playgound!  We hadn't seen each other in 16 years!!!!!  Crazy how time flies.  It was so great to see her.  It really warmed my heart.  Here's a few pictures so you can put names with faces.  The first one is when we were in junior high at Kris's house (love the corn field!)  swimming.  I'm the one in the middle standing up in the water holding up peace signs....don't ask.  Chrissy is the one on the top row all the way to the right with the crazy strong biceps:)  haha. Kris is on the top row in the middle.  The next two are from when we would next meet.  OK, let me just say somehting real quick, please note to yourself, DO NOT use Drury's shampoo and conditioner in one.  Your hair will look like instand poo.  Please pay no attention to my hair here;)  The last one is our kids together.  I told them t make monkey noises and they were pretty good at it! 

Look Mom, it's Chrissy! Can she spend the night? haha

Ok, if you've stayed with me all this time reading, seriously, you deserve a medal.  I'm horrible at this blogging stuff.  Well peeps, I actually feel a lot better to my stomach now:)  Off to bed for me.  Hope you all are having sweet dreams tucked warmly in bed.  Today is going to be a great day!  And tomorrow will be better b/c it's FRIDAY!!!!!
Oh, and in case you were wondering, Kris and I are friends on FB too....life is good:) Pin It


Sheila said...

cute pictures, evie. i love the one of the kiddos.....pretty good matches there, if i do say so myself ;)

Leah said...

I could've told you that Drury's shampoo/conditioner in one shouldn't be used by itself! Silly girl. ;)

Evie said...

Now you tell me! :) I actually should have known better. The same thing happened last year when I stayed! I guess I'm not too bright;)