Yesterday when we arrived home from running some errands we received a message on our machine from our good friend, Steve.  He was in town for the next few days and wanted to get together.  Steve was in our first youth group back in Illinois.  You might remember his beautiful prego wife I just took pics of not too long ago, Melissa:0)  Anyways, we caught up with him today after church and headed out to Ozark Park with it being such a beautiful day.  I mean, come on, do trees look any more beautiful than they do on a Fall day?!  Steve, being very kind, let me practice taking pictures on him.  I need lots of help when it comes to photographing guys.  I think his wife will be very happy to get these:)  Melissa, I hope this brightens your day.  Wish you and Josiah (and Jireh) were here with us:(

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