Ruby Tea Biscuits

Yesterday, Jael and I went to our neighborhood park as usual to play in the sand. After about 15 min. we started to get rained on.  She was pretty upset because she was making sand cookies:(  I told her once we got home we could make some cookies.  I had no clue what I even had in my kitchen.  So, I grabbed my trusty Victoria "The Pleasures of Tea"(sounds kinda cheesey I know, but all Victoria magazines/books has BEAUTIFUL photos) book and looked in the back for a simple recipe.  And there it was.  On page 102....Ruby Tea Biscuits!  And, most importantly, I had everything for it!  Yay:)  We decided to put our spin on them and make them out of butterfly's.  Once we did that I knew a tea party was on it's way.   Here is a link if you would like to try them with your favorite little girl.  Jael doesn't look too happy because she was really sick of me taking her picture, sorry miss:(

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