Well, here it is.....me with red hair. My husband, Brian hates it and has asked me to go back to being a brunette ASAP:) I think I'm going to keep it a couple of weeks and have fun;) Last night at church we had youth (http://www.cruxsm.com/) and our Pastors daughter, Zoe came up and handed me a picture:) lol, it was a picture of me with my red/purple hair:) Gotta love kids! Thanks Zoe!!! You rock and you know it;)

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Leah said...

Ahahahahaaaaa, how funny she drew that and gave it to you!

MGM said...

Okay...first time to check out your blog. Evie, your stuff looks absolutely fabulous! Congrats on a great start. And I had to comment on this one, because it totally cracked me up! I love your red hair! You could prolly pull off just about any color!