Drain Thingy

I don't think I've mentioned it before but, I'm so not a Fall/Winter girl.  I long for Spring days already.  I know, I never should have moved away from Florida.  Not that it didn't get chilly there in the Fall, but not anything like here in the Mid-West.  The weather has me a little down.  It's like 25 degrees lower than it should be here.  It's just sick and wrong;)  The town we live in is very hilly, so we have all kinds of draining areas running everywhere.  We actually have a huge concrete drain thing (as you can tell, I really have no clue what to call it;)) in our backyard.  Which I HATED when we first moved here.  But, the kids ride their scooters and bikes down it and I don't have to worry about a car hitting them, so I've learned to be fond of the drain thingy..lol.  It rained a ton a few days ago and afterwards, I put the kids rainboots on and let them go running.  Of course the boots went flying off as soon as I turned my back to head inside to grab my camera.  Thought I'd share a picture<3  I just love my Little Faces!!!

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Leah said...

Aww! Are you wearing YOUR rainboots??? :)

Evie said...

you know it:)