I have known Melissa for a couple of years now.  She was the worship singer for our youth back in Illinois.  I believe she was 18 at the time too.  We have kept in contact which is awesome because now she has a little family:)  She married Steve, (her boyfriend back in youthgroup) and they now live in AZ and have one son, Josiah who is 2years old and now a baby girl on the way!
I must be cool (lol) because she and Josiah flew into St.Louis for her baby shower and she drove all the way down to Springfield to stay with me a night and catch up:0)  You don't know how much of a blessing it is to see old friends again.  She is still way funny too..lol.  I told her I wanted some practice on a prego belly and she was pretty much up for anything.  I really wanted outside shots, but of course the weather was poopy so we stayed inside and did our best. (And by best, I mean throwing up my black bed sheet on the wall:)) Actually, the best pictures I can't post because they are el natural...lol;) 
Melissa, I love you.  You and your family are such a blessing us.  Hope  to see your new little one soon;)

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melissawinter07 said...

looooovvvveeee all of these!!! I miss u already!