Going to Kansas City

This past weekend I went back home in KC.  I had to go back for a few different reasons, but one reason I was really excited about.  My first PAID Senior Portrait!  That's right, Evie's getting some cash;)  lol  Whenever I'm back home and espically when my other siblings are there ( I have 5 siblings) I alwasy feel like a little girl again to some extent.  I can't help it.  My big brother and sisters will always make me feel young, and that's that.  They can't help it, they are older and will always be older....much older..lol.  It's hard to find time to sleep while I'm there.  I just want to stay up and talk and then get up early and have coffee with my parents.  The last night I was there I couldn't sleep so I go up around 4 am to start on a project and I found my Dad in his "Papa Chair" as we call it, reading his Bible.  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten up during the night as a teen and found him reading his Bible or on his knees in his chair praying.  What a blessing to see and still see that!  It makes me warm and fuzzy inside.  It's like all is well and all will be well with the world.  Until I see the news the next day anyways;)  I din't take too many pictures while I was there because I knew I'd be taking a lot of Brittany, my new favorite Senior:) but I did take a few of the sky.  For some reason, I've always LOVED the sky.  It can be a blue sky with big puffy white clouds, or a dark night with hundreds of stars, I can always picture God looking down at me.  I imagine how small a huge white cloud would look in His hand.  This past weekend, I've felt God's grace as I've spent time with my family.  He has richly blessed my life with the people he has put in my family.  I have great parents and great siblings!  Thank you Father

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