Bean Dude

Lately I've been trying to enjoy the last tidbit of Summer. Taking morning and afternoon walks with Jael to our local park. Mooing to the cows in the field next to the park:) And camping in the backyard with Hayden. I'm really sad to see summer leave, but I am looking forward to this Fall. I'm already thinking about dying my hair red. Just try to talk me out of it, I dare you;) lol
Hayden has been doing awesome in school. He always amazes me when it's reading time before bed. He can read "Dick and Jane" like nobody's business:)

Jael loves having me to her self during the day. Although I have to say, she can keep me on my toes. She loves to draw this cute face with arms and legs that come out of the face lately. (it looks like a bean, thus, "bean dude") In fact, she loves it SO much, she has been draing it EVERYWHERE. I'm about to loose my mind. This past week, she has drawn it on her pink chair, her thigh, and on our concrete patio. Did I mention it was with a Sharpie? I wasn't very happy. Jael knew that Brian (my husband) would not be pleased either, so she drew him an "I'm sorry Papa" note with a sad face. When Brian saw the patio, he smiled, looked at me and asked, "Am I supposed to be upset?" Then says to Jael, "Great drawing sweetheart." I should have known better, she has him wrapped around her little finger.

I would have posted this earlier this week, but I have been busy sewing:)  I decided my livingroom needed some colorful, quirky pillows.  Now I am all sewed out.  Mom, please take your sewing machine back!

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Leah said...

I love the faces she draws, too cute! And I love the pillows you made, you are so crafty!